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Meet the demands of variability with retail logistics systems.

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No Matter the Package Type, Pick it Accurately Every Time

To meet the growing demand resulting from eCommerce trends, retail companies from apparel to home goods are being challenged to fulfill orders faster than ever before. Automating your picking, sortation, and packing operations can remove this burden from your workforce, protecting them from workplace injuries and improving your shipping speed and accuracy.

  • Automate the handling of boxes up to 50lbs.
  • Easily process parcel variability
  • Oversee multiple robots and locations with Yonder
  • Integrated AMR solutions for efficient robot to robot collaboration
  • Gain quick ROI with RaaS programs
  • Improve sorting and picking throughput by >30%
  • Decrease operational costs associated with picking by 40 – 70%

High-Speed Parcel Induction

Efficiently sort and place orders into eCommerce bins or store shipments.

Mixed Case Depalletization

Plus One Robotics can do the heaving lifting of boxes, protecting your workers from potential injury.

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