Our Technologies

Plus One builds robot perception software and solutions.

We create award-winning vision software products for logistics robots, and warehouse applications that automate a range of common tasks. Our approach to human robot collaboration improves throughput and ROI over time while enabling workers to move to more value-add positions in the warehouse.


PickOne is the fastest 3D and AI-powered vision software in the market. Developed by robotics industry leaders to deliver precise hand-eye coordination for logistics robots, Pick One provides induction, singulation, depalletizing, and packing solutions in inherently variable warehouse and distribution environments.

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Remote supervision for robots. Efficiently manage labor shortages with 24/7 support from a Crew Chief (a robot-wrangler who manages teams of robots).

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Quick Deployment Kit

No-risk approach to own your first robot. Automate quickly and easily with a fully-supported robot system designed to help you get started right away, customized for your requirements.

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