MSC Industrial Multiplies Package Sorting Capacity

A system that picks, packs and performs its own QA

In 2019, MSC deployed Plus One Robotics’ 3D-vision and AI-enabled robotic packaging system at its customer fulfillment center in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to enhance efficiencies.

Its successful implementation has encouraged MSC to implement the system across a number of sites in other major cities.

Results led to additional deployments

Plus One Robotics supports MSC’s growth by acting as a force multiplier for labor. Previously, the company struggled to find enough people to pack all the orders and meet cutoff times. Plus One Robotics MSC solves this issue effectively.

As a result, MSC plans to adopt the company’s computer vision software systems, along with Plus One Robotics’ cloud-based monitoring service.

Doug Jones, executive vice president and chief supply chain officer for MSC, says: “We are excited to be working with Plus One as a strategic partner to introduce AI-powered automation supporting our growth and optimizing the efficiency of our customer fulfillment centers.

“After experiencing the productivity of Plus One’s solutions and seeing that we can redirect our associates to more value-added activities, we saw the benefit of expanding this technology across our network.”

A force multiplier for labor

“Plus One Robotics supports the growth of companies by acting as a force multiplier for labor. There simply are not enough people to pack all the orders and meet cutoff times.

Cognitive collaboration between humans and robots – combining the strengths of each – is the fastest, most reliable solution to a tight labor market.”

– Erik Nieves founder and CEO