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Improve efficiency with robotic parcel sortation to meet consumer expectations.

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Increase Parcel Sortation Accuracy and Throughput

Equip shipping centers to meet the need for faster parcel processing with Pick One’s induction solution capable of achieving 100% sortation accuracy without investing in additional labor. Become more efficient and cost-effective with very precise, high-speed robotic picking and automated sortation.

  • Less reliance on labor to sort parcels
  • Increase fulfillment accuracy
  • Process and sort more than 1,700 parcels, boxes, polybags, and padded mailers per hour
  • Quick ROI with RaaS programs
  • Oversee multiple robots and locations with Yonder
  • Improve sorting and picking throughput by >30%
  • Decrease operational costs associated with picking by 40 – 70%

High-Speed Parcel Induction

Identify and sort variable-sized polybags, packages and products.

Mixed Case Depalletization

Intelligent unloading of randomly mixed pallets.

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