Warehouse Automation Solutions

Decrease operational costs while improving productivity and accuracy.

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Scale Operations While Lowering Costs

With labor availability in a crunch, getting packages in the door and out the door quickly can be a challenge. Third-party logistics automation management can augment your existing labor force to accelerate fulfillment, improve productivity and therefore, profitability. Achieve fast, accurate, and cost-effective item-picking, order assembly, and shipping sortation.

  • Reduce labor needed for sortation
  • Increase sortation accuracy
  • Improve picking accuracy with Yonder
  • Turnkey robotic solutions and immediate ROI with RaaS offering
  • Mitigate customer risk with flexible, scalable automation solutions
  • Gain flexibility to manage seasonal spikes
  • Decrease operational costs associated with picking by 40 – 70%
  • Improve sorting and picking throughput by >30%

High-Speed Parcel Induction

Eliminate high touches, while improving sorting and picking throughput.

Mixed Case Depalletization

Increase throughput and reduce operating costs.

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