Plus One Robotics Overview

We understand what the logistics industry is going through – massive growth in e-commerce demand, but also a challenging labor market. Plus One’s software gives robot arms the ability to see the world and the intelligence to perform monotonous material handling tasks so people can be elevated to more challenging and rewarding jobs. Robots work. People rule.


Meet Jamie. She hires people to fulfill orders for her ecommerce company. But her workers quit after only a few weeks because their work is repetitive and boring. And because people are online shoppaholics, Jamie needs more orders processed than ever. She asked herself, “Shouldn’t robots be doing this already?”.

Today Jamie installed her first robot packer controlled by software from PlusOne Robotics. Jamie likes that production is running at full capacity. But there were fewer missed picks and she can focus her staff on more challenging jobs.

PlusOne Robotics AI software is smart. Not just because it perceives the world in 3D but because it’s also connected to a Crew Chief, a live human being who can help out when unusual things happen.

This robot is confused. This doesn’t look like the order. Human to the rescue!

Tim, the Crew Chief, fixes the exemption, updates the missing inventory, and the robot is back in action.

Jamie doesn’t concern herself with these details because PlusOne Robotics maintains the service 24/7.

Tim can supervise robots located anywhere. Tim stays engaged constantly monitoring the performance of his robots and teaching them to recognize new items.

Jamie, she’s just been promoted.