Plus One Robotics: Goods to Person

Segmented Tote Picking

“PickOne, boot ‘Tote Picking Module.'”

[ The Problem: ]

A global cosmetics brand is expanding its ASRS system to 8 goods-to-person pick stations, effectively doubling its capacity. Their goal is to robotically pick from 4 of these stations.

[ The Solution: ]

The PickOne Perception System identifies the pick points of randomly oriented items in a tote to allow a robot to pick them. The System verifies placement and addresses errors by issuing robot commands to reposition errant items.

[ Human In The Loop: Yonder ]

In the instance that an item cannot be picked, PickOne initiates a Yonder Request for a remote Crew Chief to intervene. In seconds, the Crew Chief informs the robot what to pick and the system continues.

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