Robotic Induction with the PickOne Perception System

The PickOne Perception System identifies the pick points of parcels in an accumulation chute and sends the points to your robot. The robot arm picks and places each parcel onto an outbound conveyor.

PickOne verifies placement and addresses errors by issuing robot commands to reposition errant parcels. PickOne applications include induction, decanting, packing, order consolidation, cycle counting, and mixed depalletizing.


The PickOne Perception System is the first product for PlusOne Robotics. PickOne is an integrated software and hardware solution for cingulate and induction applications in logistics.

The PickOne system is comprised of 2D and 3D cameras that image the input stream in fractions of a second to determine pick positions for robots.

The PickOne Perception System can maintain rates and quality on par with humans but with machinery and equipment-like repeatability and endurance.

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