Meet Us In The Middle: Part 2: Julie Williams

Creativity over compromise! Is one of our core values at Plus One Robotics. Plus One is a diverse group with a passion for robotics and entrepreneurship.

We offer a work environment that’s fast-paced, collaborative, and stimulating. None of what we do is possible without having amazing people — not just robotics solutions — at every step of the journey.


A little bit about the company culture here at Plus One Robotics. We have four core values: Empathy for customers, Frugality with resources, Respect for others, and Creativity before compromise. These guide and lead us through our employment processes. So from recruiting to retention to growth, these drive our decision-making.

My name is Julie Williams. I’m the HR Director here at Plus One Robotics. My role is to take care of the people’s side of things. 

A few things that we look for, certainly in line with our core values, creativity before compromise being a huge one, right? We are a startup. And we have to use a lot of different methods and wear a lot of different hats to get our goals accomplished. So being creative and a little scrappy is the personality that we’re looking for. 

We’re taking these core values and distilling them down into behaviors. So empathy for customers. What does empathy for customers look like and feel like if I’m a candidate, if I’m a current employee, if I’m a manager? I think one of the most important things is making our new employees feel welcome and make them feel part of our culture. That’s one of the critical roles that HR plays. And so we can make those core values into part of our culture and embedded into our DNA. 

We are in rapid growth mode. We’ve got ambitious goals in front of us, but it’s a place where people feel included and really respect each other. So we are really looking for both entry-level roles and really senior-level roles.

I chose Plus One because the culture was so inclusive. I knew that there were so many opportunities for growth. I love that there are women in leadership positions. It’s a good example. But I knew I could thrive here. You know, working at a larger company, you might be isolated to just doing one role, but working at a startup, you can wear many hats and really have an opportunity to grow your career exponentially.

This is the coolest place to work, just a place where you feel warm and welcome. Your goals that you’re working towards every day are meaningful. And you get to be part of something bigger than yourself.