Meet Us In The Middle: Part 1: Maulesh Trivedi

We offer a work environment that’s fast-paced, collaborative, and stimulating. None of what we do is possible without having amazing people — not just robotics solutions — at every step of the journey.


So what led me to robotics? Have you guys seen Iron Man? But I’ve been fascinated with robots ever since I was a kid and I learned about those rovers up on Mars and it led me to grad school. And my thesis focused on multi robot coordination and teamwork in an ad hoc environment, which was pretty fun. And I think that led me directly to Plus One.  I’m pretty grateful for that. 

My name is Maulesh Trivedi. I am a robotics and AI engineer who works in the sales department. 

So what do I do at Plus One? I basically work with new customers and pilot projects, and it’s a fair bit of technical role, but it does involve managing customer relations as well. It’s quite fun because I get to travel a lot and I work on projects all the way from sortation, induction to sorting out fishes in the middle of the Scandinavian sea, which is pretty fun, I guess. 

So what does “Robots Work. People Rule.” mean to me? I think that the countries with the largest population are the fastest at automation. And that tells you something about where the industry is heading right? And you’ve got to have a force multiplier. And I believe that a human in the loop is exactly that. It’s a new class of workers that is effective at managing fleets of robots at scale. And at the end of the day, people are just more clever than robots and automation. So what you need is just to get the right tools to the right people and they’ll just go and change the world. 

What’s my experience been like at Plus One? I’ve been with the company for four years and I was actually the second hire. So I’ve seen it grow all the way from that tiny room at the back of a garage all the way over here. And one thing that really sticks to me, which Eric Nieves, who’s our CEO, told me on the day he hired me, it’s that sometimes passion is the most valuable experience on your resume. And I think that really summarizes the company culture for the team. It’s exciting. It’s exhilarating. It’s a lot of hard work, but it’s a lot of good work. And it’s a bunch of really smart people, who just love to make robots. And have fun with it.