Behind The Scenes – Love of Yonder

How can humans and robots work more when working together? See what happens when a warehouse robot picking arm comes across an item that is not pickable (e.g., a ketchup bottle perhaps?). This is a Plus One Robotics demonstration of how our program Yonder works with one of our turn-key applications, our Quick Deployment Kit.


I forgot to shave. I’m just kidding. I don’t have to shave. Here’s one of our each picking applications. You can see that we have an industrial robot planted on a QDK which stands for a Quick Deployment Kit. These are one of our turn-key applications that you can just plug into your warehouse just drop it and get going. Here you’ll see a whole bunch of eaches is what we call them but a whole bunch of items that are segmented by skus and you’ll watch our robot pick them and place them in order totes.

Picking is not perfect, right? You have programming, you have AI but there’s always that one chance for an item like this, might not be pickable in certain cases if it’s standing up like that. So whenever that happens you’ll see requests come through our software called Yonder. It’s gonna be right here on the left. A request will pop up, and I will answer that request in a matter of a few seconds. The robot’s gonna go back to picking and finish up the cycle.

You can see right there the robot missed one of the ketchup bottles. Here on the Yonder request, you’ll see what the robot sees and all I have to do is simply move my cursor around, click on one of the objects and it goes right back to picking.