Best Practice in Customer Value Leadership

We’re honored to receive recognition from Frost & Sullivan, who awarded us for Best Practice in Customer Value Leadership 2020.

Plus One was founded with a client-centric approach. Our applications can adapt to the dynamic industrial environments and accommodate variability in the warehouse such as volume surges and packages of variable types, shapes, and sizes. The challenges that our clients face every day in the warehouse.

Analyst Nandini Natarajan said, “Plus One Robotics’ unique human-in-the-loop approach offers continual support to customers, not only during the product purchase or after-market stages but during the product ownership stage as well. Customers, therefore, are never left unattended.

With its reliable technology, well-thought-out customer touch points, engaged workforce, and the zeal to impact the market positively, Plus One Robotics has all the factors that make for a positive and potential high-growth company.”