500 Million Picks

We're proud to announce we've reached over half a billion parcel picks globally– currently an industry-leading metric.

Plus One Robotics, the fastest and most reliable parcel handling robotics platform, performing  over one million parcel picks each day in production, has announced that its platform has reached over half a billion parcel picks globally – currently an industry leading metric.

“Our north star will always be to increase our customers’ total picks per day,” said Erik Nieves, Plus One Robotics’ CEO and Founder. “To everyone at Plus One, 500M  represents more than just parcels picked, it’s a milestone demonstrating that our clients have come to rely on our tech everyday. That’s a half billion parcels that were sorted on time and at quality.”

Ecommerce currently accounts for 20% of total retail globally and is expected to hit 30% by 2030. This growth, in combination with ongoing labor shortage issues, makes the implementation of automated solutions a key strategy for shipping and fulfillment companies across the world, with the global warehouse automation market estimated to grow at a CAGR of ~15% from 2022 –2030.

Plus One Robotics’ solutions for parcel induction and depalletization employ 3D sensors and AI-powered software with optimized robot grippers to pick and place disparate parcels within sortation or distribution centers.

Key to Plus One Robotics’ effectiveness is its unparalleled human-in-the-loop (HITL)approach. Employees, remote or on premise, can supervise multiple robots from any location, speeding the robot’s ability to handle exceptions and facilitating machine learning that keeps downtime to a minimum, enabling 24/7 fulfillment.