Shaun Edwards Joins PlusOne!

I am delighted to announce the latest addition to the PlusOne team. Shaun Edwards has elected to join PlusOne as co-founder and CTO!

As the founder of ROS-Industrial, Shaun has been a driving force behind bringing new capabilities to industrial robot applications. I can’t think of anyone better to guide our technical team, plus Shaun’s extensive network of robotics researchers is now our talent pool.

Shaun brings over a decade of experience at SwRI deploying highly advanced robot systems. Shaun will now lead the development of PlusOne’s vision and control products, and lay out our roadmap in collaboration with our logistics clients.

For more info on how this move affects ROS-Industrial, check out their blog.

Shaun will be at Robobusiness and ROSCon, so be sure to congratulate him.

Welcome aboard, Shaun!